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beep bwoop ~

I dig this a lot. It keeps your interest the whole way through, the percussion and instruments are well chosen and very well mixed, and it just has a great atmosphere.

I'm a huge fan of the glide you've got on the lead synth. It's well placed when it's there. The piano is another standout feature of this piece. The delay and stereo effects you threw on it really make it shine that much more. The filtering and the little fx pads placed around the track are just the icing on the cake.

Fantastic song, as always. I'd expect nothing less.

johnfn responds:

your kind words are much apprecitated papkee! :>

Dammit Cadmus you're making me feel bad for not writing anything in months.

Simply amazing piece here. The flow of the parts, the fantastic use of the orchestra, it's just really, really good. The melody changes and the flow of the whole thing really does remind me of a Ghibli film.

One thing that does bother me is that the strings seem to be lacking in the high end. It doesn't sound bad, and when the rest of the orchestra comes in it sounds fine, but at the beginning it seemed like the strings were just muffled a bit.

Overall though, absolutely stellar work.

that short description sums up most of my pieces tbh

I dig this thing. I'm not one for experimental drum n bass songs but this one kept me interested for sure. I'm not sure why, either. Everything was selected well and fit well, and it would go perfect in a video game. A few of the leads might've been a bit too harsh but overall I enjoyed it.

SkyeWint responds:


Glad you dig it, man! It was definitely an experiment for me, but it's... actually just one real theme. It's just one theme with a couple variations and a bunch of notes putting them together vaguely.

I agree some of the leads are a bit too harsh. I probably should have reigned in the high end - might do that and reupload it.

Thanks, man! :)

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Lugia all the way man. Awesome drawing.

legendary hardstyle artistĂȘ


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