Entry #1

Updates, yo.

2013-12-03 23:28:18 by papkee

Well, nothing like a good half a year after my last update to post again.

Things have happened, some good, some bad. 

  1. I had the previlage of being hired to compose for a large FPS game (can't talk much about it at this time, sorry)
  2. My grandfather passed. This was a rather emotional time, and a few of my songs have some of that emotion in them.
  3. I entered the Audio Deathmatch and lost by 0.1 points. Felt like I was robbed. :p
  4. I started writing electro again! Check out that shit here: http://soundcloud.com/papkee

That's all sheeple. You can now carry on with whatever schenanagains you were doing.


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